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Benefits and drawbacks of homeschool

I’ve been doing a lot of research into the benefits and drawbacks of homeschool, it seems almost every homeschool blog includes a pro/con list. Anyway, here’s my list. Please feel free to add any suggestions:

Reasons to homeschool:

Reasons not to homeschool:

  • It is argued that homeschool takes effort (paywall).
  • Studies have shown that families find it hard to explain to others what they’re doing.
  • In addition, studies suggest that families have to justify it to family members, repeatedly.
  • Anecdotally, it is argued that it can be hard to trust that children are learning when it is likely they appear to be playing all day.
  • one study found that it takes some adjustment (paywall) but for only those parents who aren’t trained teachers.

4 Responses to “Benefits and drawbacks of homeschool”

  1. fairdom

    Hi, I am a homeschooler in my senior year of highschool, and I couldn’t agree more with all of these pros and cons. But I don’t think that cons like “justifying homeschooling to relatives” or “adjustment for parents” should be a thing to stop you from homeschooling đŸ˜€ Those are only problems that occur in the beginning of a homeschool career (the first 1-2 years). Homeschoolers have lots of resources, like local homeschool groups, and online forums where parents can seek advice from each other and make the most of their child’s experience.
    I wouldn’t take back my homeschooled education for anything, especially after seeing how peers of my own age view their public school educations (not very highly). I am so very thankful to my parents for letting me fully explore my boundaries. And I know my parents are too.
    One problem with homeschooling, I would say, is that some parents tend to be too loose in structuring their children’s education. It’s not really a problem in the beginning, but homeschool parents should really make a thorough transcript of all highschool years, because it is really something that colleges need to allow for admission. We didn’t grade or have transcripts, so my mom had to make one at the last minute to send!!
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for raising awareness about homeschooling through your blog!!

    • Rebecca English

      Such great advice Pindari. It’s really different here in Australia because we have so many back doors to university entrance. For example, we have programs where students can take two university subjects in their final year of school and are guaranteed entrance to any course at that university. The transcript becomes completely unnecessary and it reveals the lie of schools’ importance to university entrance, and ability to predict performance!

      • fairdom

        Wow that sounds great! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia… things are always so complicated in America, haha.

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