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Registration for homeschool families

In all states and territories in Australia, home education is a legal option for parents. While the registration requirements are different, and some states allow distance education in non-distance settings, in each state, as long as you register, you can legally home educate your childrenMy focus will be on Queensland, the Education Department with which I have first hand experience. Firstly, registration requires the preparation of a ‘work program’.

Under s.208 of the EGPA 2006 the parent is to provide a summary of the educational program or learning philosophy to be used for the home education of their child. To enable the chief executive or their delegate to be reasonably satisfied that the parent can meet this condition, documentation is required about the proposed educational program or how the chosen learning philosophy is to be implemented to meet the child’s education needs for the coming year.

This documentation should show evidence of a high-quality education that:

  1. has regard to the age, ability, aptitude and development of the child concerned
  2. takes account and promotes continuity of the learning experiences of the child concerned
  3. is responsive to the changing needs of the child concerned
  4. reflects and takes into account current understandings related to educational and other development of children
  5. is responsive to the child’s need for social development
  6. is supported by sufficient and suitable resources
  7. is conducted in an environment conducive to learning.

The documentation can be supplied in any written format but should clearly address each of the above requirements and explain how the requirements will be met.

Registration is granted following the successful presentation of this documentation.

All parents must register, if they want to legally home educate in Australia. However, not all do. And, the registration process can be daunting for parents without teaching qualifications.


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