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Registration needs eduspeak

All families who home-educate in Australia are required to register. However, not all do. I wonder if that’s because the registration process is hard and requires a familiarity with eduspeak that most parents don’t have. For example, the Education Queensland process for registration contains a number of examples of eduspeak:

  • procedural requirements (the bits of paper the Department needs to register homeschoolers).
  • The development of term-by-term frameworks (basically a plan of what you’ll do that roughtly follows the schools’ term dates)
  • Learning needs (what are the interests of the child? How will you incorporate those? Does the child have any learning needs? How will they be addressed?).
  • Learning stimulus (any resources you’ll use, including those in the real world. For example, travel to places, museums, shops, events).
  • Activities and concepts (What activities will you do in the places you go and how will they address specific concepts?).
  • Focus on assessment (because all education deparments need to measure. It’s a government thing.).

I could go on, but you get the idea. I think the easiest plan would be to develop a table. In that table, I’d list out the national curriculum areas, so my particular focus would be on the four areas that are listed on the F-10 curriculum page, English, Maths, Science, History. Then, I’d try to incorporate some learning that covered some of the cross-curricular priorities (ATSI studies, Asia, Sustainability) while demonstrating a focus on the general capabilities I was able to develop through my planning. If I was unable to hit all the cross-curricular priorities, I wouldn’t worry too much, but I’d try to make sure I made it look like I was doing that at some point throughout the year.

It’d be a time consuming process to complete but, once I had it all in place, it’d be easy to just delete the content and start again. I’ve attached a sample unit that I would use to get started.


2 Responses to “Registration needs eduspeak”

  1. kmcg2375

    Yes, I wondered if the process of registration might be a bit daunting for some. There are some great tips here 🙂
    Can you tell me, are homeschool parents also required to cover content from other KLAs e.g. Arts, Geography, Health? i.e. Are the Australian Curriculum subjects the only ones that ‘need’ to be covered, or are they just a good place to start?

    • Rebecca English

      No, you can do anything you like. Many choose to follow the ‘unschool’ model (if you’re interested, the movement was made famous in the 1970s by John Holt who once said that homeschoolers should give their children as much freedom to learn in the world as their parents can comfortably bear) and thus do whatever their children want to do. That means that they might just do ‘dinosaurs’ or climb a tree or do whatever the kid wants. It follows from a belief in child-led approaches to parenting.

      One of the gurus of this is Dayna Martin who calls herself a radical unschooler and gives her kids a lot of freedom. Her belief is that if the kids just want to eat sugar and play video games for 5 days straight then that’s what their bodies are telling them they need. However, once they realise they can do whatever they like whenever they like, they don’t and very probably won’t. Another famous, but more moderate, unschooler is Naomi Aldort (cf. this post that might interest you) and Sandra Dodd who also is a major proponent of the movement and she’s on a spectrum between Naomi and Dayna.


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