Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see – Neil Postman

Is it a curriculum if you do activities from Pinterest?

Quite a few of the homeschool lists I’m on through Facebook are talking about the fabulous resource Pinterest has been for home-education families. There are even boards devoted to homeschoolers. I confess to having a craft activities board I occasionally post images to (or is it on?). I also confess to a lever-arch folder with alphabeised craft activities and a random box of craft supplies. However, I wonder if that’s part of an unschool or natural learning philosophy.

Does it lead children if you do activities you’ve seen on Pinterest? Does it matter how you go about it? For example, if you and the child work together to decide on activities that you are going to do, does that restore the power balance to the child as well?

The line between home-education and unschooling seems to be quite blurred, and perhaps it’s more of a spectrum than a line. These issues are ones I’m grappling with at the moment.


2 Responses to “Is it a curriculum if you do activities from Pinterest?”

  1. Kim

    Hi, I didn’t really see a date any where on the post. So perhaps you have found answers since this. I was searching the net for Unschooling groups with in my area and I bumped into your blog. I read this and stopped for a second.

    I was in the same state of mind on so long ago my self. This helped me.

    I think the best thing for me personally was summing up unschooling as gently guiding my kids though their personal learning experience of the world. I am there just to play along and guide them in learning how to explore, create, imagine, fail with purpose, be persistent, and find joy in learning. That is what Pinterest is a HUGE playground of potential fun possibilities in learning to point them toward. Sometimes to build on what they are working on, sometimes because they are bored and sometimes just because the need a little NEW inspiration. (we all do)

    I am still on my way to being an Unschooler, and no means great at it…. but it is slowly coming. I am slowly seeing it.

    • Rebecca English

      Wow, thank you for commenting. I think you’re right, and John Holt would likely agree too. I suppose, if it’s largely self-directed, it’s in line with unschooling. I also think that unschooling is a spectrum with the use of a child’s interest to guide activities and, yes even workbooks, at one end Dayna Martin’s radical unschooling at the other.


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