I am convinced it is a matter of elite’s further efforts to control every aspect of the sheeples lives – cradle to grave. They truly see most people (including children) as useless eaters – using up all “their” resources – which would include the natural world. I mean really – there is even an effort to put meters on private wells – in the interest of “fairness and sustainability.”

People truly are suffering from a “nature deficit.” The Utopian sustainable cities with rapid transit that is the dream of the United Nations – Agenda 21, will have everyone living with a “nature deficit.”

I thank God my kids have grown up in the woods, complete with racoons tearing a hole in the roof and nesting in our attic, red squirrels nesting in the breezeway, deer decimating my apple trees, and delightful chipmunks living in an old stump outside the kitchen window! My kid’s government educated friends could not tell the difference between a blue bird and a blue jay, or even knew that a spider was not an insect. They were afraid to go for a walk through our property! They knew all about the culture of Pakistan, but did know how to identify poison oak, and ivy.

My heart aches for the children who will never know the joy of picking wild blueberries and raspberries, with juice running down faces; and eating picnics in tree forts, and hot chocolate in snow forts. So sad, and evil. . .