Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see – Neil Postman

Radio Interview

Yesterday, I did a radio interview on the ABC here in Brisbane (although it was statewide) and talked about my research. I did use the phrase “judgey pants” which was, quite possibly an oversight. I’m still looking for participants and also for people to help out with my crowdfunding campaign. Listen if you like, but please don’t be all “judgey pants” about it, it was the first radio interview I’ve done for a long time!


12 Responses to “Radio Interview”

  1. sage_brush

    I enjoyed the interview. It was very enjoyable to hear an intelligent discussion about such an important subject.

    My only concern with un-schooling is the neglecting of important basic skills, especially mathematics. While I don’t think the government’s strict requirements for high-school math will provide our country with more engineers and scientists, I do believe that a good working understanding of basic mathematics will help any person in their day to day lives.

    My kids all had to memorize function tables all through 1 – 6th grade. Sometimes – I made them write them. None of their government schooled friends can add or subtract without a calculator! I really feel that this rote learning is important in a few subjects. Memorization is easier for younger kids – it is much harder when they reach their teens.

    My son, at the age of seven, had to teach the youth pastor at our church, that a “score” = 20 years. The youth pastor had a doctorate in Theology, eight years of Koine Greek, and seven years of Masoretic Hebrew.

    My son learned it from A Beka measurement flash cards, which included things like how many square feet are in an acre, and how many pecks in a bushel . . . all memorized by my kids in grade school, just like they did 100 years ago. Did they feel like memorizing all that stuff? Not at all. But they still had to do it. It’s part of life.

      • sage_brush

        You’re welcome, but your writing and now your interview have reinforced my perception of your intellect. Not praise – just an honest assessment. πŸ˜‰

  2. Taryn

    Hee hee, I loved the term “judgey pants”. In our homeschooling journey there have been many “judgey pants” people!! Looking forward to hearing more about your research Rebecca.

    • Rebecca English

      Ha!! Thank you so much Taryn. I’m glad you enjoyed my light hearted interview. I look forward to being able to tell you some more outcomes. I have just had a book chapter accepted in an Australian book, it’s geared to researchers who want to know how to access ‘silent’, ‘minority’, or ‘different’ groups. And I have submitted two journal articles, one on the challenge to private schools in Australia that HS represents, that one I sent to Home School Researcher Journal ( and the other one focuses on the link between Attachment Parenting practices and the decision to unschool among a group of Australian home school families. I sent that article to the Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning (

  3. suzanne tobin

    Loved your interview Bec. Judgey pants may become the new buzz words. You speak well. So many people when interviewed say ‘um’ and ‘uhh’ a lot.   Love S xx


  4. Sara

    What kind of participants are you looking for Rebecca? We are homeschooling but my kids are only 4 and 2 yrs old, so technically not school age. I think we’ve been natural learning since birth though and I don’t see there will be any official ‘start’ date.

    • Rebecca English

      I’m looking to expand into early stage decision makers, I guess that’s what you’d be as the department doesn’t require you to register until school age. Where are you located? Would you be interested in participating? Why not email me and we can chat more ‘privately’? I’m


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