Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see – Neil Postman


I am an academic, lecturing in education, in Australia. I’ve been a teacher in secondary schools, dabbled in school marketing, written for magazines, journals and professional publications. I’ve included links to my articles here, although you can also access them through my QUT eprints page.

My interest is in education choice. Specifically, why people choose the schools (or not) they choose for their children. My current research is in home-education. I’m interested in why parents choose to educate their children at home rather than send them to one of the many types of schools in Australia. Please have a look at my pozible for more information.

(thanks to The Itchy Eyes for my picture)


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    • Rebecca English

      Hi Omaira

      I’m an academic in a Faculty of Education in Australia. I recently submitted my doctoral thesis in the sociology of education for examination. I wrote that about the discourses staff and international students construct about Asian international students in Australian secondary schools. I teach into several teacher education courses, but some of them are finishing up soon. My masters thesis was about school choice, I looked at the reasons aspirational middle class parents chose a non-denominational Christian school that pushed really upper middle class cultural capital. While doing that degree, I was a teacher. I taught in public and Catholic schools for seven years.

      My current research interest is in the choice to homeschool. I’m particularly interested in the links between that choice and adherence to Attachment Parenting philosophies. Check out my pozible for more info!


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